Top 3 Emotional Vampires

“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.” – Mo Willems

What is an emotional vampire? 

Emotional vampire are people who drain your energy the moment they see you. Yes the moment they see you! They suck optimism out of you. These kind of people are insensitive and hold high regards of oneself, so not talking to them won’t stop them from draining you.

Who are these people?

They are the people you knew; friends, family members, husband/wife/lovers, and co-workers. No strangers would come to you and tell you head on ‘how ugly you’ve become’. Who else has an access to your life? The sad thing is we don’t know if these people are doing it on purpose or not?

Top 3 Types of Emotional Vampires:

The Complainer

We complain when things aren’t right or we complain because we know we deserve something better, well everyone gets that.  But to constantly complains just about everything? Seriously?

Imagine yourself having a teammates or friend in the office who everyday, every given chances complains about everything; from the building structure, company policies, payroll, workload, the management and all. Imagine going through that, listening to his/her never ending complains everyday?

Our brain works like a processor and the wants to solve and understand everything is always there. And there’s no end/closed cases for complainers, and our constant effort to reason things out tires our brain; we feel drain.

The Downer

It is somewhat similar to the complainer, the only difference it has is the downer complain ‘only’ everything about herself, and external factors doesn’t exist at all.

Do you have a friend who has low self-esteem and always play the victim? One who think all of the worse things for herself? Thoughts like, “I’m not good enough,”or “I am afraid I won’t get the job ‘coz I am a slow learner,” or “I am not like you.”

As a friend it is our duty to comfort them, I know, but how many times must you do it before they stop complaining about themselves? Great if you see improvement but downer people simply don’t. It’s like feeling down is their comfort zone and blue is their favorite color. Admit it, you feel irritated at times too right? Why not? When all you hear from them are basically the same thing, just different time and different situation.

The Busy Body

You probably have an idea what type of people they are. They are the type of people who eavesdrop and gossips around about the  private lives of other people. They are the most dangerous Emotional Vampires because they are good in masking their intentions when they approach you. They portray the notion of friendly and understanding person and if  you are not careful, get ready to be their next ‘talk of the town’. 

These type of people curry favor to someone to avoid being nobody. They gossip because  without it no one would be interested in them. They are the source of negative entertainment and the trouble maker. If you don’t know their game, you will definitely find yourself hating that certain person just because of  what the busy body tells you.

Do you know that being angry or hateful consumed more energy and time than being happy? Think about it.

Those are just the Top 3 Types of Emotional Vampires, so be careful out there. One way of knowing you are facing one is, feeling bad/irritated/distracted about yourself or something after they talked to you.